Wherever you are and at the time most convenient for you, our bilingual university trained instructors are ready to give you your online Spanish class.  

Our online Spanish school operates almost like the school in San  Miguel ! 

Bilingual instructors greatly speed up learning.
Learn Spanish.
Online Spanish courses anywhere
Spanish anywhere!
Why are online Spanish courses such a good idea?

Online Spanish lessons are given in half hour segments; ideal for even the tightest schedule!

Scheduling for online Spanish courses is very flexible; you do not always have to take your class at the same time or on any particular day.

Spanish classes are always at your speed and level- no dummies in your class! So you really will learn much faster.

How our online spanish school works:

The lessons are e-mailed to you (about our method).

Spanish online courses are given over SKYPE or FACE TIME; you must invite lpoint80@yahoo.com to your contact list.
Classes are given at Mexican central time.

Payments  are made via PayPal. Tuition per class is  $10.00 USD. 
Register for 5 or 10 classes on our Tuit/Reg page.

About our method:
Beginning and intermediate students use our text- Spanish Passport- which has explanations in English and will enable you to practice in class the real statements you will need in the real world. 

Our courses are eminently practical. Spanish Passport will familiarize you with all tenses, over 200 of the most used verbs and the widest vocabulary.

Spanish lessons for upper intermediate and advanced students include much conversation and literature. BACK

What equipment do I need to start my online Spanish course?
You'll need a high speed internet connection and a computer with (or connections for) camera and mic.

Can two of us take the class?
Yes, as long as you are at compatible levels and fit into the picture area.

What if I miss my session? 
You will be charged unless you reschedule six hours before.

Is Mexican Spanish different from Castilian?
Slightly! Like English, there are national, regional and educational variations. 
Mexican population is more than double that of Spain and "United States Spanish" is more often "Mexican". 

Online courses
Engaging & apropos conversation is at the heart of every class.

Online Spanish school and courses. Teaching Spanish since 1980.

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Bilingual instructors greatly speed up learning.
Engaging & apropos conversation is at the heart of every class.
What advantages do Languagepoint's online spanish courses have over other "self study" programs?
Our classes are given by an instructor who will guide, correct and oversee your progress. Our method allows unparalleled interaction and flexibility.
With us, your classes are given in real time by real people; not robots!